Faculty In-Service training

Faculty In-service Training takes place each phase (six weeks) on Friday of the third week of that phase directly before the Institution-Wide Communications Meeting.  Topics covered in this meeting will include Teaching Skills, Learning Styles, Outcomes Measurement, and other topics deemed appropriate.  Topics are chosen based on input gained from student critiques, classroom evaluations by the Department Chairs, Director of Education, or Evening Education Supervisor. All full-time faculty members are mandated to attend, and part-time faculty are encouraged to attend and will be compensated for attending.  Attendance will be taken at the training and maintained in the Director of Education’s office.  When a specific topic is chosen based on a particular instructor’s deficiency, that instructor will be required to attend by memo to the instructor.  Faculty Members who cannot attend these meetings due to other obligations (many of our part-time instructors work in jobs within their industries), must be excused by the Director of Education and will be required to review the meeting notes with the Director of Education or Evening Education Supervisor, and have a discussion on the subject matter.  The instructor signs a statement at the bottom of the notes stating that they have reviewed and understand those notes.

To reach all faculty members, both full and part-time, in-service training may be done digitally. The Director of Education will prepare a digital presentation assignment on a specific topic pertaining to working with adult learners, teaching techniques, and other education-related topics. Faculty members, both full and part-time will have a specific period of time to complete the assignment that includes an assessment to validate an understanding of the materials.

This course is designed to be a resource following the department chair training plan. Items are laid out sequentially and should be taken in order. All tasks will be assigned due dates. 

This is a two-week training program designed to introduce new faculty members to the policy, procedures, and ideology of the education department of CCNN. 

This is a practice course to learn more about Moodle and what it can do for you.