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    New attendance policy

    by Dennis Przybyla -

    March 16, 2020

    Addendum to Career College of Northern Nevada’s College Catalog

    RE: Attendance Policy

    Page 6 of our current college catalog explains our attendance policy. The policy is designed to

    address on ground learning in the classroom. As we transition to an online (blended)

    environment we are making an adjustment to the attendance policy that allows students to

    pick the time to do their online course work.

    Effective March 16, 2020, student attendance will be monitored through two channels. First,

    Online activity on the server. You must log in and do learning activities or

    submit assignments at least once each week. Two, students must schedule time with the

    instructor to complete lab work on campus. Students who do not log in and complete course

    work or come onto campus to complete lab work each week will be contacted by the Student

    Success Director, Academic Dean or the faculty member in charge of the course to determine

    remedial work to stay caught up. Students who fail to take the final exam as scheduled will be

    deemed to have withdrawn unless prior approval is gained from the instructor to take the exam

    later than the end of the term. Under no circumstances will final exams be extended more than

    one week from the end of the term.

    Students who fail to submit work or come on campus to complete lab work for two weeks or

    otherwise fall behind on progression will be placed on attendance probation. While on

    attendance probation the student must make contact with the Student Success Director to

    discuss progress on their individual progress plan each week. Students who are on attendance

    probation and fail to make contact with the student success director for two consecutive weeks

    will be dismissed.

    For the current phase (February 24 – April 10) we will expect work to be submitted by the end

    of week 5 (March 27) as we transition students into this new online environment. We

    encourage you to get started immediately and to set a routine to do your coursework during

    the same times as you would have been taking the classes had we not cancelled the face to face

    classes. This will set a routine in your life and make it easier to stay on track to graduation. But

    we recognize that there will be issues to work out during the transition.

    Upgrade to Moodle

    by Dennis Przybyla -

    Over the break, we upgraded Moodle to 3.7.2. This update fixes some security issues and adds more features. The main difference you will notice is that the theme of the site has changed. If you have any questions feel free to contact the IT Department.


    Your IT Support Team